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Keystone Acoustics


Lilys Cafe, Restaurant and Bar

Lilys Cafe

At Keystone Linings, we frequently handle projects with extremely tight deadlines. Lily’s Cafe was one such project that required our immediate attention. We had to swiftly measure the ceilings and create modular panels that would perfectly fit the different rooms and areas within them.

Working in close collaboration with Greg Miskovic from X-Clusive Group, we ensured that every aspect of the job was executed to perfection. Shuria promptly sprang into action by offering a range of colours for easy client selection. We also provided installation options that guaranteed a hassle-free setup on-site.

Our Key Beam decorative MDF Panelling for Walls & Ceilings, specifically in the Key Nirvana Emerald variant, was completely customised to suit each designated area. These beams were securely attached to our MDF perforated panels, with K100 backing applied to the rear for added stability. To maintain a clean appearance, all panels featured custom perforations that allowed for concealed fixing.

The end result was truly awe-inspiring. The layout perfectly complemented the café’s interior space, providing an exceptional acoustic experience in the expansive environment, ideal for hosting various functions.

We are incredibly proud of the fantastic design and the outstanding teamwork that occurred throughout the entire process, from the initial drawings to the manufacturing stage and final install.