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Key Endura

Fibre Cement

Key Endura

Fibre Cement

Produced from uniquely-perforated fibre cement FC sheet, KEY-ENDURA’s long lasting and durable qualities make it ideal for ceiling, wall panels and wet area applications. Perfect for

Internal acoustic walls and partitions

Eaves linings

Fire and party walls

Office Ceilings and walls

Clubs and hotels

Foyers and restaurants

Toilet partitions

Great Sound with Great Aesthetics
that’s the Keystone Advantage!

At KEYSTONE, our expertise lies in combining inherent acoustic qualities with comprehensive perforation techniques and backing materials to achieve optimum noise reduction for internal and external use.

KEYSTONE’s KEY-ENDURA architectural panels are strong and durable, and available in a  variety of Fibre Cement FC sheeting sizes and thickness making them an excellent choice for both Internal and external applications. The fiber cement Panels come Recessed or Square Edged and are easy to install onsite.

Since 1985, KEYSTONE have been the pioneers in manufacturing acoustic panels. KEYSTONE continues to be the industry leader supplying to commercial and private venues where sound-proofing and acoustics are of paramount importance

Featured Key Endura Projects

Key Benefits

Can be provided raw for cost saving

Can be provided pre-finished for time saving

High degree of strength

Impact resistance to damage

Excellent machining capabilities

Easy to install and maintain

Environmentally sustainable

Perforated fibre cement fc sheeting plywood panels designed and manufactured by keystone linings

KEY-ENDURA is 100% Australian Made fibre cement produced from top quality materials from Australian suppliers to meet our clients’ architectural requirements. KEY-ENDURA Fibre Cement panels come Recessed or Square Edged and are easy to install onsite.

KEY-ENDURA Fibre Cement Sheet can be custom cut and shaped to suit your architectural specifications. Fibre Cement Sheets come with a Recessed Edge for your convenience to be flush joined into existing Fibre Cement. Consult KEYSTONE for best options.

Acoustic Options

Just like the visual customisations, numerous acoustic customisations are also available for Fibre Cement KEY-ENDURA. Advanced compressed perforation techniques and various backing materials are utilised to optimise the sound performance to suit client requirements.

Perforated and slotted panels are available in five standard patterns

Acoustic Amplification using K100 acoustic backing

Fibre cement fc sheet ceiling panels designed by keystone linings

For an extensive and comprehensive range, consult your KEYSTONE Linings representative

Fire Rating
Acoustic panel ceiling timber battens designed by keystone linings at coles
  Solid Perforated
NCC2016 Group 1 – With Certificate Group 1 – With Certificate
NCC2019 Group 1 – With Certificate Group 1 – With Certificate

Contact your local KEYSTONE rep for a copy of certificate required.

Installation Options
Perforated fibre cement fc sheeting ceiling panels designed by keystone linings
Installation Options

KEY-ENDURA Fibre Cement Sheets or FC Sheets are manufactured to be installed by a builder or nominated contractor.

Ceiling panels can be fixed by standard KeyLock Rondo system or similar.

Wall panels fixed to furring channels and Screw fixed through face panel.

Exposed grid system – consult manufactures for detail fixing methods.

For an extensive and comprehensive range, consult your KEYSTONE Linings representative

Key Tile
Perforated plywood ceiling panels - state drill core library


Keystones’s KEY-TILE are specialised ceiling tiles designed for fast, efficient and ease of installation. With a range of standard patterns, these are a very popular choice with modern architecture.

For an extensive and comprehensive range, consult your KEYSTONE Linings representative

Key guard



Keystones’s KEY-GUARD Coating incorporates Biomaster technology. Biomaster pioneered the use of silver-based antimicrobial additives and today is the recognised leader in antimicrobial technology.

Key guard 1
Key Benefits

Assists antibacterial protection

Provides a round the clock protection against growth of harmful bacterial

Reduces cross contamination

Includes a detection additive to verify the coating

Independently tested for antimicrobial efficiency

Hard wearing, durable, premium polyurethane coating system

Available in a range of gloss levels and can be tinted to a comprehensive range of colours

Bio guard coating

Tested to ISO 22196:2011 standards and shown to reduce

E coli by 99.93% | Staph aureus by > 99.91%


Tested laboratory: Industrial Microbiological Services Limited Registered in England 3264423
Certificate Number: 1020290.267/7634

For an extensive and comprehensive range, consult your KEYSTONE Linings representative

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